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Inzant Shopping Cart Website


Subheading Example

This fully functional website option give you the opportunity to tap into entirely new markets through the public domain as well as give your existing customers another easy way to order your products. Example content based link Here.

Enjoy the benefits of a completely responsive website design. This means it doesn’t matter what device your client is looking at your website on, whether it’s a phone, tablet or computer, the website will dynamically reshape itself to provide the optimum user experience making it easy and accessible to any user, on any device. The Editor implemented allows for a range of functionality, including;

  • Bulleted lists
  • Italics
  • Bold
  • Strikethrough
  • Linking
  • Text Size, colour, font, format, style
  1. Numbered Lists
  2. Underline
  3. Indenting
  4. Block Quotes
  5. Text body alignment

"Our services are absolutely top notch, imagine not having to call support regarding issues with your system ever - thats how easy we aim to make your life

Also includes the following (among many other features);

  • Insert tables
  • dividers
  • spell checker
  • paste from word/plain text files and retain formatting
  • modify source HTML.

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